About Us

The Circular STEM project aims to integrate the circular economy into schools by providing STEM subject teachers with the necessary skills to be able to adapt school curricula to include this topic.   

The project will develop an interdisciplinary methodology that creates clear links between circular economy concepts and school subjects. 

The methodology developed will focus on students aged between 13 and 18, who will be empowered in the use of digital and entrepreneurial competences transversally, and it will have a special focus on raising girls’ interest in science subjects, due to the existing gender gap in the field. 

Target Groups


Secondary school STEM teachers (of students aged 13 to 18): enable them to take a more active role in promoting education about the circular economy, adopting innovative digital tools for their lessons and promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of students.  

School Principals: involved and informed about the tools available to integrate the circular economy into school curricula. 


Secondary school students aged 13 to 18: They will be involved indirectly by increasing their knowledge and skills on the circular economy in order to stimulate them to change their daily behaviour or by specialising in this area through further training.