Institute for Contemporary Education (ICE) is a teacher association, education and training centre, dedicated to supporting, advancing and promoting innovative education practices, through training, research projects and Continual Professional Development (CPD).
ICE is also an umbrella organization of the LINK Educational Alliance, the biggest private educational system in Serbia.

To ensure that the highest standards are adopted in education, the Institute constantly works on advancing its cooperation with institutions, companies and organizations of global importance. Striving to contribute to higher-quality education, the Institute organizes several types of events for teachers, psychologists, principals, experts and others who work in education:

  • Seminars and debates on current topics in science and education,
  • Training programs and workshops regarding innovation in education,
  • International conferences on modern education,
  • Projects aimed at advancing the educational process,
  • Number of other events aimed at promoting contemporary educational methods.

The participants can implement all knowledge and skills acquired at these events in their own practice, thereby advancing the teaching at their educational institution. In addition, the Institute offers partners expert support in the form of educational consulting, guidance in the advancement of education, and a wealth of other advice and instructions concerning work and education.

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