EIT RawMaterials is a key European actor established in 2015 to advance Europe’s transition into a sustainable economy. EIT RawMaterials overarching mandate is to support securing the supply of critical raw materials to the European industry by driving innovation along the raw materials value chain. EIT RawMaterials builds on the world’s largest network of partners in raw materials and advanced materials.

EIT RawMaterials mission is to develop raw materials into a major strength for Europe by boosting competitiveness, growth and attractiveness of the European raw materials sector via radical innovation, new education approaches and guided entrepreneurship.To this end, EIT RawMaterials along with its 300+ partners, supports the development of dynamic, longterm European partnerships among leading companies, research labs and higher education that collaborate together to develop innovation and education initiatives to achieve these goals.

To drive innovation of the raw materials sector, EIT RawMaterials powers innovators and entrepreneurs across the EU and beyond to turn their best ideas into cuttingedge products and services. We actively support the brightest emerging startups and entrepreneurs and to date we have worked with more than 140 upscaling projects as well as over 300 startups offering solutions to challenges across the raw materials value chain.

EIT RawMaterials also invests in the skilling of future generations of innovators for the raw materials sector through initiatives ranging from the education of school students to higher qualifications for industry professionals, as well as initiatives that seek to address the gender imbalance by attracting more women to STEM and the geosciences.EIT RawMaterials is an Innovation Community within theEIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology).

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